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The International Sustainability Academy Alumni Network (ISA Alumni Network) offers an interactive platform for past, present, and future fellows of the International Sustainability Academy.

We are a diverse and vibrant group, bringing together a multitude of cultures, traditions, and characters and are bound by our ISA experience. We have all lived and worked in the city of Hamburg and our collective focus on promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals brings us together.

The ISA Alumni Network was founded in 2021 to support the program’s growth and facilitate a post-ISA experience through engagement, network, and partnership. We aim to maintain the connection between previous ISA fellows, showcase all the alumni, their projects and collaborate with relevant partners, investors, donors, and stakeholders.


We see a future where all ISA fellows collectively contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We not only want to advocate for our individual projects but also want to create synergies with each other in a platform that cultivates long-term engagement. We also want to invite you to engage, support, and interact with us. Through our individual endeavors, we already facilitate positive change. But we believe that as a collective unit, we can create a bigger, more sustainable, and long-lasting impact.

This platform is for you to get to know us, stay up to date with our work and the impact we continue to create in our communities. So let’s connect and engage!

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