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ISA Alumni Code of Conduct


Herein are the Terms and Conditions for the ISA Alumni Best of Practices:

It is an unwritten rule that we pledge to use the Alumni site only for purposes that advance the overall goals of the Alumni Network.

In the spirit of honesty, integrity and collegiality, I pledge not to use the site:

  • in ways which breach any laws and regulations, be it local or international law, from which your content is generated or made,
  • in ways which are not nefarious, illicit, fraudulent or has any misrepresentation of data,
  • in ways which do not misrepresent ISA Alumni group, or knowingly circulate or re-use content that does not comply with the ISA data usage policy.
  • to use other ISA Alumni profiles for canvassing unsolicited, unethical and unauthorized advertising.
  • to wittingly transmit, share or upload data which contains malware/viruses/ransomware or any scripts, code or files which may cause Denial of Service, interruption or disruption of software, hardware or networking equipment.


The ISA Alumni group promotes responsible data use for the sustainability and continuity of the alumni network, therefore, the Code of Conduct is binding.
If there is overwhelming evidence from another fellow or from a third party complainant, which determines that there has been a breach of any of the aforementioned conditions, disciplinary action may be taken which includes disabling access or sanctioning you from publishing on the site.